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Frequently Asked

What are your printing size options?

SOS Publication's Book Sizes and styles conform to the book publishing industry standards with five options of high quality paper and five popular book sizes. The sizes are:

(1) 4" x 6"      (2) 4½"x 7"      (3) 5 ½" x 8 ½”       (4) 6" x 9"               (5) 8 ½" x 11"
What are your book binding options?

We give your book the highest quality finishing in order to give your book a professional appearance with clear marketing advantage. Whether your cover design is full color or one color, six different binding styles are available. These are:-

(1) Plastic Binding (Spiral)
(2) Rimming (Calendar Edge)
(3) Staple Machine Stitch (Stapler)
(4) Sow Thread Stitch (Sowing)
(5) Machine Perfect Binding
(6) Local Perfect Binding
What is your minimuim print option

It is advisable to print at least 1,000 copies of your book, (the basic rule is “the more you print, the cheaper the unit price becomes”). However, SOS Publication offers affordable book publishing services to individuals in quantities as little as 250 books. This is to allow authors who really do not need as much copies to meet their demands without having to print much more than is needed and become burdened with storage, marketing or distribution.

What are your lamination's options

All covers have glossy liquid lamination (UV Coating) to give a professional appearance to the book at no additional cost. With an extra cost per book (as low as N8/book), you can optionally select plastic lamination for your cover finishing. Three different laminating options are available:
(1) Gloss Lamination (shiny)
(2) Matt Lamination (cool)
(3) Spot Lamination (both shiny & cool combined)

Who does my book cover designs?

As with all books produced with us, we will provide you with a professional superior design that is specific to your title. This professional cover design will be uniquely designed to maximize your book's sales potential. Our computer graphic designers invite your input in the process and will work closely with you and your existing images and designs to create an outstanding cover for your book, ensuring accurate color, image quality, sizing, and alignment.

Who determines my book layout options?

When it comes to creating a quality product, our graphic designers, layout and design experts will create a unique and effective page layout for each page to give your book an exciting look. the formatting, fonts, kerning, leading, chapter breaks, front page matters, indexing, back page matters, and many other details are all uniquely crafted to meet your taste and standards

Do you do audio transcription?

The challenge of being a career person is much more demanding today than it can ever be. It is thereby increasingly becoming more difficult for executives who are talented writers to find the time to sit down and write life transforming books. This has limited their efficiency has writers, which is not too good for the kingdom.

Aside time, not everyone with great book ideas have great writing skills. This is where we come in. Knowing fully well you have what others need embedded in you, at your own convenience, we come to record your word on our tape (or just pick the ones you have recorded aforehand), and believing that the impact of the spoken word is as powerful as the written word, we take the pain to transcribe your recorded words into a book form, relieving you of the stress of writing. This is a viable alternative to struggling through the writing process, since all the necessary editing will still be done to make it a word class material. This is our mission, making you a more fulfilled person. Our team of efficient transcribers, professional book editors, general printing consultants and the publishing arm will give your job a world class touch.

Who gives my book ISBN/EAN

You are a writer; so the issue of copyright will be an important one to you as it protects your work from copyright infringement. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is the 10 digit number on the back of a book. This number identifies the publisher and the book title. Booksellers all over the world use this number to order, price and keep track of inventory. An EAN bar code is your ISBN transferred into an OCR scanable image created specifically for your book.

SOS Publication can handle copyright registration and provide an ISBN and the EAN bar code for your book. We ensure your book includes necessary components such as a copyright page which fully complies with international marking guidelines for published books.

SOS Publication has a flat fee of N7,500 per book to provide the ISBN and the EAN bar code on your book. Although a work can be published and sold without ISBN, SOS Publications highly recommends authors secure their work with one. Please remember that if you have SOS Publication provide your ISBN, SOS Publication is the publisher on record of your book and must print your books.

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